Rooftop solar pho­to­volta­ic (PV) sys­tems con­vert ener­gy from the sun into elec­tric­i­ty you can use in your prop­er­ty. Any elec­tric­i­ty you don’t use gets fed into the main elec­tric­i­ty grid.

Large-scale bat­ter­ies can be con­nect­ed to solar PV sys­tems to store ener­gy gen­er­at­ed dur­ing the day. This ener­gy can be used at night or in poor weath­er when the sys­tem isn’t gen­er­at­ing much energy.

Using the elec­tric­i­ty gen­er­at­ed by a solar PV sys­tem dur­ing day­time hours means you don’t need to buy as much elec­tric­i­ty from the grid, which can help low­er your elec­tric­i­ty bills. Where pos­si­ble, align your elec­tric­i­ty con­sump­tion, like run­ning clothes wash­ers, dish­wash­ers, or heat­ing and cool­ing, to times when your solar gen­er­a­tion is high­est, rather than run­ning them at night when you have to buy elec­tric­i­ty from the grid.